smoche - the BDSM munch in Aachen

Welcome visitor,

if you didn't understand enough about us on the german pages, maybe the english version here will be more helpful.

The munch was founded by members of the irc channel on IRC-Net. Since then, a fair number of people that don't spend their time on irc have joined us, and so the group moved from being rather irc-centric to an open BDSM forum.

We meet every first and third thursday of the month, starting at 8 PM in "Cafe Coleur", Löhergraben 22.

?Who attends those meetings?

We're a couple of people from Aachen and surrounding areas. Just your normal kind of average people sharing an interest in BDSM. We don't care whether if people have been practising BDSM for a long time or have just recently discovered their interest, not yet having experienced that kind of sexuality for themselves.

?So what happens at the meetings?

We're eating and drinking, having discussions about current events, gossiping ... just like any other nice group in a pub. There's no structure or special topic. Whether or not BDSM is discussed during the evening depends on each and every one there. Basically, it's like a meeting of aquaintances and friends, only you don't have to explain your psychological and emotional well-being before starting conversations about BDSM. There's no need to feel apologetic about your sexuality, and you may find an answer to the question you've been dying to ask about a specific technique.

?So how do I recognize you?

Good question. There's nothing that sets us apart from the other guests. There's no dresscode (on the contrary, everyone's dressed casual), and no sign. More often than not, we're the biggest group in the cafe (around fifteen to twenty-five people). And if you're not sure, ask if that's the internet group.

?Where can I get more information?

It may be helpful if you contact us by email before your first visit; we can answer any further questions that you may have after reading the information provided here. Feel free to email us at All mail sent there is read by a group of women and men, and we promise to answer your mail. Even if you feel that your questions are odd or rather basic, don't hesitate to contact us.

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